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Trade Centre thrilled to support TV’s Formula Woman

Wednesday 15th September 2021

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The UK’s fastest growing used car retailer, the Trade Centre Group is proud to be supporting the all-female televised motorsport competition Formula Woman, which has already seen 24 novice drivers participate in track days at Snetterton Park and Blyton park circuits, with hundreds more drivers set to join them. All the participants hold the ambition of securing a place on the grid in the 2022 UK GT Cup Championship.

As part of its support for the event, the Trade Centre have provided two co-branded BMW’s which will be used in track days for driver training and throughout the competition.

The Formula Woman assessments will be carried out at various circuits around the UK including Anglesey (taking place on 19/20 September), Knockhill and Bedford Autodrome from September to November this year.

This will progress through to the final shootout and then intensive race training for the winners who will partake in the ultimate prize of a season driving the McLaren 570S GT4 in the 2022 GT Cup Championship.

Formula Woman has attracted significant interest from around the world including applications from India, Canada, the United States of America and even down under in Australia. Entry requirements are that drivers must be over 17 years of age with a full driving licence, have little or no racing experience and of course, you have to be a woman, the entry deadline 17th September 2021.

Tim Carr, CEO of the Trade Centre Group commented “The Trade Centre Group is a diverse and inclusive business, in a male-dominated sector. We are thrilled to support Formula Woman by providing two performance BMW’s for driver training in the 2021-22 competition series. We wish all the competitors the best of luck and look forward to seeing women on the grid for the 2022 UK GT Cup Championship”

Founder of Formula Woman, Graeme Glew added “We are delighted to announce Formula Woman’s involvement with Trade Centre Group, the two cars, proudly wearing the Trade Centre UK and Trade Centre Wales livery look fantastic and are ideally suited to the competition. Women are becoming progressively involved in motorsport and it is fantastic to have the support of the biggest used car retailer in the UK”

If you fancy getting behind the wheel and see yourself on the grid in the McLaren 570S GT4 then you can enter at