The Trade Centre Wales has seen a rather unusual approach to its latest round of job applications, with one hopeful recruit sending in a single shoe with his CV, hoping to get ‘a foot in the door’.

Shoe in the post

Ahead of its new 12-acre car superstore opening in the west Midlands this year, CEO of The Trade Centre Wales, Andy Coulthurst, received a single black shoe in the post along with a job application.

Mr Coulthurst shared the picture of the shoe on the professional social media site, LinkedIn, saying: "Looking forward to conducting first round of interviews (workshop) in the Midlands tomorrow. One young chap sent me a shoe this morning and said he was hoping to get his foot in the door early. Any one legged size 7's out there are welcome to it, first come, first served!"

As the company’s first venture across the border into England, the new site will be located on a vacant car supermarket facility in Wednesbury, and will stock 1,200 used cars, creating 200 new full-time jobs across sales, administration and vehicle preparation.

‘Innovative approach’

Commenting on the quirky package, Mr Coulthurst said: "It is certainly the first time I have received a shoe in the post by way of a job application, you have to give credit to the applicant for his innovative approach.”

Discussing the interview process for jobs at the new car superstore so far, Mr Coulthurst added that he was, "equally impressed with the candidates who have presented themselves in a more traditional style too."

Operating as The Trade Centre Wales since 1999, the car supermarket group has three existing retail sites across south Wales and aims to replicate the successful ‘hub and spoke’ strategy that it currently has, with the superstore in Wednesbury acting as both the retail operation and central preparation facility for additional stores in the region.

Mr Coulthurst continued: “This is an exciting step for The Trade Centre Wales as we expand our geographical footprint into England as The Trade Centre UK for the first time.

“The premises in the West Midlands need total reconfiguration to suit our concept and customer-centric process, as we invest heavily in creating facilities that optimise the customer experience.

“We are confident that our first store in the West Midlands will be well received by value-driven car shoppers, and we look forward to recruiting from a local pool of talent to provide the best possible service to our new customers.”