Jim Bertram, General Manager at Trade Centre UK in Wednesbury receives sponsorship of £1000 from the UK’s fastest growing used car retailer, The Trade Centre UK.

The Brathay 262 is an ultra distance cycling event that involves 10 laps of Windermere, England's largest lake, in 24 hours.

Jim had originally signed up to cycle Brathay 262 miles in a group, but when he realised that he was unable to make the date to join his team he was determined to do it solo. After over 20 hours of cycling, Jim completed the cycle at 02:03am on the 13th of July. 

Starting with a target of £1250 Jim has managed to soar way beyond this, having collected almost £3000, a third of that coming from Trade Centre UK. 


Taking on new challenges

Jim said: “I am so proud that I finished in 12th place, which for me is exceptionally impressive as I was travelling alone. The organisers told me that a solo ride of this nature had never been done before. Riding for such a long period with no one else on the road besides my support team for encouragement was no easy challenge.”

On the day, Jim climbed 18500 feet and burned 12500 calories.

Jim said: “It was always going to be tough, I was disappointed when I found out I wasn’t going to be able to ride with my team but there was no way that that was going to stop me. It was a real challenge not having the camaraderie of a team around me but the motivation of my friends, family and the fact that I was raising money for such an important cause kept me going. To receive such a generous donation from my own employer makes it even better”

A community focused-business

Andy Coulthurst, CEO of The Trade Centre UK, said: “We strive to support our employees in every way we can, and an opportunity to support Jim was a no brainer for us. We are proud to help Jim reach his target and congratulate him for a great ride and thank him for his great fundraising efforts for Brathay Trust.”