Wednesbury RUFC is a key pillar in the local community

The club prides itself as a pillar of the community, with members of the team starting at 13 years old and continuing in the club through their rugby career - with some members of the senior squad now in their 50’s. After years of hand-me-downs the club was in need of some new kit.

Chris Lister, treasurer of Wednesbury RUFC said: “We’re so grateful to Trade Centre UK for donating the money and supporting our team. It’s not unusual for the team to wear the same strip two or even three seasons back-to-back, so this donation is a massive benefit for the club.

“We are completely self-funded, so a monetary boost from a company like Trade Centre UK is massive for us. We operate something of a hand-me-down system here at the club, so new kit is always welcome."

“As a club, we a key player in the community so it’s really special to have a new strip sponsored by another local business in the area.”

Trade Centre UK supports local sporting talent

Andy Coulthurst, CEO of The Trade Centre UK, said: “It’s always been really important for us to support the local sporting talent. Your local team can sometimes be the first experience of sport and can result in nurturing some talented players who go on to do amazing things.

“We endeavour to support those local to us and we’re delighted we can help out our new neighbours making them look and feel the part ahead of the new season.”

Club sponsorship in the West Midlands

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