The Trade Centre UK helps employees achieve fitness goals

According to data by IGD, we consume at least a third of our daily calorie intake while at work. What we choose to eat, and drink affects not just our health but our productivity. The Trade Centre UK wants to see a healthier change and has introduced a new scheme to help tackle health issues in the workplace and improve the overall wellbeing of employees.

The used-car supermarket has introduced a 12-week summer challenge scheme to its Wednesbury site. At its core, the main aim of the company’s scheme is to encourage members of staff to unite and support each other whilst striving to implement a healthier lifestyle.

The company has provided the site with a high-tech scale so each employee involved in the scheme can measure their body composition, including BMI, bone mass and visceral fat. This is an effective measure of progress and a source of motivation. It also provides a greater understanding of general health and personal development. Every week, the employees weigh in work and compare their measurements to the previous week. This promotes a sense of togetherness and builds on the current team ethos that exists at The Trade Centre UK. The company rewards the best weekly performer with prizes such as such as blenders, food processors and healthy lunches.

Vast health improvements 

Cheyni McKenzie, Human Resources Advisor, said: “We have recently rolled the 12 Week Summer Challenge out to our employees in Wednesbury which has had tremendous uptake. We hope to see vast health improvements which will positively impact their daily life and their roles and responsibilities within work. The 12 Week Summer Challenge is proving that there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!”

At the end of the 12 weeks, the company hopes that each employee involved will have adopted a healthier and balanced lifestyle and a hugely anticipated prize will be rewarded to the overall winner who is closest to or has beaten their initial goal.

Driven by staff

Lee Gorton, Head of Vehicle Repair and Quality, added: “This scheme is organised by the company, but fundamentally driven by the staff. We firmly believe in a work-life balance and want to promote positive wellbeing. As a manager, I want to help my team achieve their goals both inside and outside of the workplace.”

Due to its success, the company plans to run the scheme throughout all sites.

Brings teams together

“By empowering employees and investing in staff development, this will encourage social interaction and passion for the business. This challenge brings teams together and reminds every employee that each have more in common than just work. This scheme compliments our other initiatives like Employee of the Month and End of Year Star Salesmen. As a company, we are constantly creating a motivated workplace culture that connects with individual values.” concluded CEO, Andy Coulthurst.